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Despite the fact that the COVID-19 is still very much present, we believe we got over the worst stage of the pandemic. An increased number of June orders brought more positive vibes into the company. We hope that usually a bit slower summer period or potential second wave of the virus won't ruin our efforts again. We have freed ourselves from the strict anti-COVID rules and except Fridays when most of our employees stay at home, we work in a regular way ready to serve you as usual. We'll be closed for one week (August 10 to 14) but besides, we are here for you.

Thanks to all who stayed with us and who reopened their businesses and started to order by us again.

Have a wonderful summertime!


When else should we finally appear on FB than in the time when the main focus of social media publicity turns to Instagram? Welcome to the new official FB page of Cyklos Print Finishing. Despite the fact of how FB misuse the data, we decided to open another channel on how to get closer to our partners. We hope you'll Like us.


Dear customers,

We are taking a very responsible approach to the current global COVID-19 problem. Our main goal for the near future is to keep production running while protecting the health of our employees and clients. We continue to accept orders, the production goes on without limitations. If we are forced to reduce production in the future for personal reasons, we will do so in such a way that the delivery dates for our partners are not jeopardized.

List of main internal preventive measures:

- Movement of persons within the area is possible only in protective masks
- Restriction of personal meetings
- Hand disinfections installed in all workplaces
- More work from home for office positions
- Closure of the canteen, catering provided individually at workplaces
- At key workplaces, employees are divided into 2 groups and working in shifts to reduce meeting each other

We thank you for your trust and wish you and us to survive the hard times with the least possible losses.

Your Cyklos team


We are happy to announce that the first one of this year's new releases is almost ready to go. Visit the product page to get familiar with our Paper Jogger JOGGA 450, simple but very useful device for the organization and handling of paper documents. Coming in April 2020.

More than that, shortly after we are releasing another machine - GPM 450 verSA, a multifunctional follower of bestseller GPM 450 SA. Coming in May


We prepared a video of the new folding unit TriFold 360. It a second station unit attacheable behind GPM 450 Speed or AirSpeed 450. If you like the machine, please contact us!