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mobile table pb 145

The PB 145 is a mobile table for printers developed by printers. The robust metal table allows easy manipulation with up to 250 kg between various production processes. Take a look at a short introduction down in this news.


The electric corner rounding machine combined with calendar crescent punch ECR 40 appears soon in our offer. Take a look at a short teaser down in this news.


Click this news to find out where our main export markets are. Thanks to all our wonderful dealers for their efforts despite the pandemic!


Click this news to see how Covid-19 influenced our sales in 2020. Thanks to all who helped us in the second half of the year to reach satisfactory results.


Welcome to 2021!

What are our plans for this year? Except for continuous support to our clients, production, and sale of established print finishing machines, we would like to launch at least 2 new products. By summer 2021, it should be the electric corner rounder ECR 40. In the second half of the year, we wish to start selling a new multi-functional machine AirSpeed 450 Double, advanced and more versatile sister of successful model AirSpeed 450.

Looking forward to it, we'll keep you updated.