Paper Folder CFM 700

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Paper Folder CFM 700

Following on from the CFM 600 with more advanced features including conveyor belt stacking of paper for neater paper reception, counter unit, perforating wheels and creasing wheel for cross-folding.

paper folder Cyklos CFM 700 - pictogram
  • heavy-duty construction
  • reliable friction feeding with speed up to 120 sheets A4/min
  • easy adjustment of side guides
  • mis feed detection
  • paper thickness adjustment
  • paper feed adjustment
  • perforating wheels
  • creasing wheel for cross-folding
  • table of paper folds
  • conveyor belt to neatly stack finished sheets
  • telescopic feeding and delivery table
  • continuous speed regulation
  • counter
paper folder Cyklos CFM 700


SPEED   70 - 120 sheets A4/min.
  standard letter, concertina, single, double parallel, brochure, half concertina, cross fold
FORMAT   SRA3, A3, A4, A5
GRAMMAGE   80 - 160 g/m2
  300 sheets (80 g/m2)
  1130 x 460 x 480 mm
  660 x 560 x 450 mm
WEIGHT   nett 28 kg, gross 33,5 kg

Recommended - Mobile Base MB 70

paper folder CFM 700 and mobile base MB 70

The weight of paper folder CFM 700 is 28 kg. For easier manipulation with the machine we recommend to buy also mobile base MB 70. This mobile table was constructed specially for robust heavy duty Cyklos machines. Loading capacity of MB 70 is 60 kg. Working with our CFM 700 you also appreciate two shelves for storage of documents. For more information about this product go to Mobile Base MB 70.

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