Creasing - Perforating Machine GPM 320

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Creasing - Perforating Machine GPM 320

creasing perforating machine Cyklos GPM 320 - pictogram

Creasing and perforating machine GPM 320 is a follower of successful model GPM 315. It was designed for the final processing of graphic materials up to SRA 3 paper size. Simple hand machine with working width 320 mm enables to make a crease as well as perforation of the same quality as electric machines GPM 450/450 SA. Eccentric wheel of operating mechanism demands only minimum power to process the paper even for heavy stock. Skew paper can be also creased/perforated due to thumbwheel angle adjustment of the side guide.

  • Metal construction
  • Large desktop for formats up to SRA 3
  • Three different crease widths
  • Side adjustment wheels for quick exchange of paper position
  • Fast exchange of creasing tool
  • Exceptional quality of perforation
  • Easy creasing with minimum use of power
  • Ergonomic bar
  • Easy to use
creasing perforating machine Cyklos GPM 320


  320 mm (SRA 3)
  80 - 400 g/m2 (creasing), 60 - 250 g/m2 (perforating)
  0,8 / 1,1 / 1,5 mm
  470 x 370 x 360 mm
  470 x 370 x 160 mm
  nett 11 kg, gross 12,5 kg

Note: Are you tired of hand processing? Go for advanced model, it is worth it!
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