Autumn in Cyklos or How to get through the 2nd round of the COVID-19

Autumn in Cyklos or How to get through the 2nd round of the COVID-19

Dear customers,

In the summer we wrote here this: "although COVID-19 is still very much present, we are convinced that we have overcome the worst phase of the pandemic". As can be seen, our convictions, as well as those of most of the nation, proved to be wrong. The second wave is here and everyone is thinking about what will happen next. From an economic point of view, in Cyklos it does not yet look like a repetition of the sad period April - June. We believe that, at least from the point of view of trade, autumn will be a bit happier, however, as it turned out in the summer, divination is not appropriate in these times.

Currently, production and shipping are at 100%, all in accordance with the internal security rules listed below in March 2019.

List of main internal measures:

- movement of persons in the area is possible only in protective veils
- restrictions on personal meetings
- hand disinfection installed at all workplaces
- greater rate of work from home for office positions
- closing of the company canteen, catering at workplaces
- at key workplaces, employees are divided into 2 groups and take turns so that they do not meet each other
- regular inspections of the health status of workers, no entry for employees with symptoms of respiratory diseases

To date (October 12, 2020), we do not record a single case of COVID-19 virus infection in the company, however, due to the spread of the virus in society, we expect this situation to occur. Internally, we set up the operation so that in the event of an outbreak, the operation of any department would not be endangered and the flow of the order through the company would not be disrupted. At present, all that remains is to continue according to the classic slogan "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." and look forward to being able to breathe freely again.

Strong health and nerves and colorful autumn in the fresh air wishes

Cyklos team

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