Advent, Christmas & New Year Wish

Advent, Christmas & New Year Wish

Dear customers, dear visitors of our website,

Christmas and New Year's Eve are almost knocking on the door again and this crazy year is soon to be over. After the spring wave of the coronavirus, we have come through the autumn wave and entered the magical Advent time. This time with no Christmas markets in city centers, no carol singing in the streets, with face masks, couriers and delivery vans hectically cruising all around stuffed up with Christmas gifts, with a mix of frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion out of that huge uncertainty that has spread across the world in 2020.

But also with huge lessons learned, amazing progress in many ways, and maybe with hope and belief that 2021 will write new inspiring chapters of our lives. The restrictions will go on, the fairs and meetings will still be called off or reduced (like Drupa just yesterday), we'll have to stay alert and precautious in many ways. However, what if the vaccine spreads and people feel safer, what if we pick for our lives only the good sides from what the pandemic brought, what if we'll esteem and spend more time with the loved ones around us instead of spending thousands of hours online chatting with 'virtual friends', what if we'll be traveling and meeting only those whom we really need or wish to meet instead of wasting our time and killing the planet by thousands of unnecessary flights for issues that can be sorted out through remote online support in the same quality, what if we focus ourselves onto the search of the real quality of deep joyful life experience instead of instant online sharing of superficial fleeting moments, what if...?

Let 2021 be the year of progress, not of the return to the pre-pandemic 'status quo'. Life has been no better during pandemic than it was before, it has been much worse in many ways, however, the pandemic showed there is a huge potential to improve it in many ways. So let's focus on it.

Have a PEACEFUL Advent and Christmas time and best wishes to 2021!

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